8 September 2022

Ahead in the G-Cloud

Every few years we hope that it falls to someone from Be-IT to announce that, once more, we have been successful in our bid to be on the government’s G-Cloud framework.  Since we were first successful with G-Cloud 7 many years ago, now, every time it comes up, and after we’ve sweated and strained, then polished and preened our tender, there is always a slight concern that this time we might fail. This year the pressure was doubled, because as well as tendering for Be-IT Resourcing we also put forward Be-IT Projects to be part of G-Cloud 13.  And… pause for small drum roll (and sigh of relief) …

…we were successful again. 

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to understand what’s important to the public sector – what matters to them when they making buying decisions and how we can best meet their needs. Today, more than ever, we are well aware that public procurement buyers are charged with getting the maximum bang for the public buck and are carefully monitored and scrutinised to ensure they do just that. Be-IT has invested a lot of time in understanding what these buyers need to run a compliant project and we trust this will help us gain even more work from this updated framework.

Congratulations to all the Be-IT team who worked so hard on the successful tender.  The aim of all this is, of course, to make it simpler, clearer and faster for those in the public sector to buy what they need.  Over the last few contracts, we have grown our public sector client base considerably and, especially with our enhanced offer now including Be-IT Projects, we look forward to working further with even more of them in the (very near!) future.

Michael Phair
Operations Director, Be-IT


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