17 January 2023

The tech sector's career moves, ambitions and priorities

For the last eight years, we’ve published an annual salary benchmark for a wide range of IT, Digital and Change roles. It’s a useful guide for tech professionals and for employers, with the kind of vital data that helps people make fundamental decisions on their future.

But all that salary information is just one dimension of our annual research. We’re also interested in what makes tech professionals tick. Have they moved job? Why? Are they looking to make a move soon? What do they look for in an employer? How do they look for that next career opportunity?

The results are fascinating. They show that the vast majority of professionals now expect the latitude for at least some remote working – in fact, only 5% would prefer to work full time in the office.

And, in one that surprised us, only 6% of tech professionals would consider a start-up as an ideal employer – twice as many would rather work with a large organisation of 250 or more employees and three times as many would prefer to work with an SME.

For us, the report offers some incredible insight into today’s job market – especially with years of results to help us chart trends and identify big shifts. For you, whether you’re looking for your next role or your next hire, it’s a fascinating deep dive into the tech sector.

Read our full report here. And, when you’re finished, let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Technology Professionals Career Intentions and Recruitment Channels

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