Excellence in Executive Technology Recruitment


Be-Exec is here to deliver excellence in executive recruitment – harnessing a wealth of experience, a vast network across the sector and hard-won insight in the technology and change market.

We know a thing or two about leading. Over the past decade, we’ve built an enviable track record and unparalleled expertise in technology and change resourcing. We’re pioneers of the field, harnessing innovation and championing the growth and development of the sector. We empower our team with top-tier research intelligence and market research, developing both our understanding and our reach.

Yet it’s all built on solid foundation – led by values, delivered with care and integrity.

A Leading Approach

Recruiting leaders requires a distinct approach – that’s precisely what our executive resourcing model offers: a highly personalised, discreet and comprehensive solution. Our executive recruitment specialists employ a range of techniques, including direct search (headhunting), market mapping and targeted advertising, all built upon on our extensive industry networks.

We conduct an in-depth assessment of your organisation’s needs, culture and strategic objectives. We then use this understanding to define the ideal executive profile, identifying candidates who not only have the requisite skills and experience, but who will also be a solid cultural fit.

A Comprehensive Offering

Tandem Talent Search
Balancing short-term need and long-term goals, we can conduct searches for both interim and permanent positions concurrently. This integrated approach offers stability during the transition, while ensuring you have the time and space to make a truly high-calibre permanent appointment.
Senior Interim Practice
When you have business-critical issues to address, we offer swift access to high calibre talent – from executive-level leadership to senior specialist experts. With a broad network of seasoned technology professionals, we can bring you the skills, experience and understanding you need – fast.
Board & Advisory
Strategic direction-setting and decision-making demands judgement and experience. With a track record of navigating the shifting sands of our regulatory landscape, we’re well placed to help you make your next board-level appointment, from Chairs and Trustees to Non-Executive Directors.
Research & Market Intelligence
Just as our business is built on an up-to-the-minute understanding of the sector’s developments and trends, our Executive Recruitment approach is rooted in insight. In addition to regular research projects, we conduct market mapping exercises to deliver intelligence on perceptions of role and employer, remuneration and mobility.

Additional Services

Every leadership role brings its own challenges. No single approach could meet them all. We’re ready to employ a range of value-added tools and methods to bring you closer to the right hire.

Transition Coaching

With the support of our Executive Coaching partner, we can provide a 90-day onboarding and transition programme. Offering a mix of scheduled sessions and ad-hoc support, this provides a space for goal setting, reflection and learning – ensuring your candidate can develop the confidence and tools to sustain their growth and performance.

Remuneration Benchmarking

With regular salary research – including up to the highest levels of technology-centric roles – we can provide a firm evidence base for setting a realistic, competitive rewards package for your leadership position.

Psychometric Testing

While our search process is as focused on a cultural match as it is on abilities and experience, we can go further – with the in-depth Hogan suite of assessments. These offer insights around candidates’ motives, values and potential, giving you the fullest opportunity to make an informed choice.

Customised Assessment

We can design competency-based interview kits, aligned to the role’s responsibilities, strategic goals and organisational culture. From there, you can choose to execute the assessment process yourself, or we can manage the process on your behalf – whether in person or via video interviews – through to final shortlisting and appointment.

Over the last decade, Be-IT has honed an approach, developed expertise and built a network made for executive-level technology recruitment. We have supported a broad range of organisations, from year-one start-ups to well-established FTSE100 companies, to help them attract, select and hire their next leader. We’re ready to do the same for you.

Talking with Tech Leaders

A series of informal discussions with leaders in technology – the senior managers, entrepreneurs and inspirational innovators driving tech-led change across the business world.
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