12 December 2023

Farewell Freddie...

Our blog is usually reserved for good news – and we’ve had plenty of it to share over the past few months. But today we have something sad to share, as one of our stalwarts is leaving the team: Freddie Kydd is retiring from recruitment and heading for pastures new.

It’s only right that we take the chance to honour him and his incredible, indelible impact on Be-IT. Not just one of the original members of the business, but an instrumental figure in our growth and evolution over the years – embodying the commitment and passion that have become synonymous with our brand.

Day one

Freddie’s journey with Be-IT started the day we opened our doors. Having worked with Gareth, our founder, he didn’t hesitate to join the nascent business. In those early days, we were a small team in a small office – four or five people navigating the challenges of a start-up.

“We didn’t even know how to work the printer”, Freddie recalls with a smile. They may not have won any prizes for handling office equipment, but he and the team had the ambition to shape technology recruitment. Pioneering, if not printing.

Years of evolution

In the years since, Freddie’s played a pivotal role in our growth and development. With every new step we’ve taken, with every change we have led, he has made a tremendous contribution. Technological advances, flexible working approaches, commitments to diversity and equality – he’s been instrumental in driving and adopting the developments that have made us the business we are today.

Yet, through all the transformation of the last decade, Freddie maintains that the essence of Be-IT has remained unchanged. "We might be bigger and much better known, but the original spirit is exactly the same. We’re still as driven as ever," he says.

Bittersweet celebrations

For Freddie, it’s time for a fresh challenge – we’re as delighted for him as we are devasted to see him go. As Freddie says, connecting with people is what makes recruitment special. So, if you haven’t already, take a second to reach out to him on LinkedIn, give him a shout or share your memories of working with him. Let's send him off with the celebration he deserves.

As Nikola Kelly says:

“Freddie – on behalf of everyone at Be-IT, I extend our heartfelt gratitude for your years of service. Your dedication has been a guiding light for us all. As you step into retirement, know that you do so with our lasting respect and our very best wishes. We’re excited to see what this new chapter holds for you.”

Freddie, here's to you – for being with us from the start, for every step of the journey, and for every success made possible by your hard work and commitment. Goodbye and good luck!

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