21 January 2022

How to find a new job

How to find a new job and progress your career

Whether you are looking for your first or possibly your last job, job hunting can be a daunting experience for some. While you may be hesitant, this can be a seriously exciting time and it should be viewed as a period for positive change.

Now is the time to understand what it is so you can make sure you avoid the same situation developing again. So take time to think what you want to do – do you want to work closer to home, get paid more, go contracting, change skill set? Set yourself some parameters for the future.

Now you know what you want, the process begins

Having helped many people find new roles for over 22 years we can help you understand the quick and easy way to ensure career success:

Develop a CV
It is imperative to have a CV. This is your selling document so take time to work on it so that it reflects accurately the type of person you are and the type of work you do. Expect to have multiple CV’s particularly if you are going for a range of roles that require slightly different skills.

Update your market profile
Becoming active on line is important. Updating social media can help you stand out from the crowd and above all increase your visibility to future employers and recruitment specialists. By updating your CV you will created enough information so you can easily update your LinkedIn profile ensuring content and dates align. Take this opportunity to remove any embarrassing/opinionated content that may put off a future employer and reset up visibility levels in order to ensure maximum visibility.

Become market aware
Over time you will build your market awareness. You will start to realise what salaries/rates are being offered for your experience and you will recognise who specialises in placing your particular skill set. This exercise will prove invaluable as it will reduce any future recruitment contacts to a more manageable number, allowing you to spend more time building a relationship with those who can help you the most.

Working with Agents
Most people typically send a CV as the first point of contact. We believe that in order to differentiate yourself from the crowd it is best to make telephone contact and when possible arrange to meet the recruitment specialist face to face. This affords the recruitment specialist the opportunity to get to know you better, understand your wants and needs, see that you are committed to moving role and crucially, gives them the vital comfort that allows them to promote you to their clients with surety.

Work the process
Now that the initial leg work is complete, it is now time to exercise the process and apply to as many suitable roles as possible, both on line directly to employers and via recruitment specialists. Before long, you should have applications live and interviews occurring. The aim now is to perfect the interview style and line up as many offers as possible prior to deciding on the best one for you.

Be-IT’s Trends, Intentions & Salary Benchmarks 2024

Whether you’re looking for a role or looking for a raise, looking to hire tech talent or looking to keep your team intact, our annual Salary Benchmark and Market Insight Report is essential reading.

We’ve collated data from our survey, aggregated the figures with our CV database and cross-referenced the results against the best market benchmarks. The result is vital insight into salaries and day rates for a range of roles – equipping you with vital knowledge for whatever you want to do next. All we need is a few details:

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