21 April 2022

How To Resign

It's one of the most nerve-racking things you can do and usually the stage that people dread the most. But with a little planning and a professional attitude, you can navigate what can be an emotionally charged process. Here are a few steps to keep in mind:


Get the offer in writing

If you're resigning to move onto better things, make doubly sure the move is on. For our candidates, we're ready to discuss all aspects of the offer, salary package and working conditions, so we can make sure you and your soon-to-be employer are happy.


Understand your legal obligations

Your current contract will detail the notice period you're legally obliged to give your current employer. You may be able to offset any outstanding holiday balance to reduce your notice period, but remember this is entirely up to the discretion of your current employer and you should assume you will be serving full notice when quoting estimated start dates with your new employer.


Draft your resignation letter

This is when it becomes official. However long you've been with them, no matter how close you are, you must put your resignation in writing. Some things to include:

  • the date of your resignation
  • your notice period
  • your last day of employment

You may wish to include any positive comments on your time there, but avoid including any negative commentary about the company or individuals. Remember, your former employers are future references. If in doubt consult your Be-IT Consultant on your draft letter to ensure everything that needs to be included is included.


Arrange a meeting

Sit down with your manager, inform them of your intention to leave and present them with your resignation letter, dated that day. Make sure you are clear yet diplomatic about your reasons for leaving and the reasons why you have accepted the new role, rather than the negative aspects of your current role. They may attempt to address your reasons for leaving or fix any issues – think carefully about this. Stay strong, professional and focus on the positive aspects of your new job and don’t look back.


Brace yourself for the counter offer

On average, it costs around 6-9 months' salary to replace someone. So it likely that your current employer will try and make you stay, by making you a counter offer. First of all, it's worth noting that any incentives you're offered at this stage were only offered after you offered your resignation. From our experience, most (c.80%) professionals who accept the counter offer end up leaving within 9 months anyway – so it's worth reminding yourself of the reasons you want to leave and of what's waiting for you with your next employer that enticed you to join them. Finally, remember that any counter offer is made in their interest, not yours. It may feel personal, but it's strictly business.


Stay professional

Ensure a smooth exit with HR and ask them to confirm any holidays, bonus payments and the safe return of any company property including laptop, mobile phone, company car, etc. You never know when you may run into your colleagues again or when you may need them as a reference so remain positive, professional and enjoy your leaving day and night.

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