21 April 2022

Screening Information

Information on pre-employment screening and background checks

Why are background checks required? – the facts

  • In 2013, employment screening helped to detect a 70% increase in false employment applications¹
  • Employee fraud costs UK companies an estimated £2bn a year²
  • 90% of application fraud is unsuccessful with screening¹
  • An estimated 20-50% of candidates embellish their credentials on CVs³, and 15% of candidates back out of an application when told a check is required⁴

At Be-IT we are experienced in conducting thorough background checks on candidates to reduce the risk when hiring new employees.

We can conduct the following background checks in line with your own internal policy:

Employment verifications

  • 1 to 5 years employment history check, or last two employers (your choice)
  • Career gap analysis

Candidate verification

  • Identity Verification (Passport, Birth Certificate, Photo ID, Driver Licence)
  • Address Validation (Electoral roll, address history, undeclared addresses)
  • Right to Work Validation (Visa and Work Permit)
  • Driving licence status validation
  • Sanctions check including HM Treasury, OFAC

Financial history check

  • CCJ (County court judgments) validation
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency check
  • Credit history report
  • Notices of correction verification

Criminal Background Check

  • Basic Disclosure (average turnaround less than 5 days)
  • Standard DBS (Disclosure and Barring Services) check
  • Enhanced DBS check
  • International criminal records check

To discuss in more detail how we conduct these checks and estimated timeframes please get in touch with us. (link to contact page)

* Source: ¹ CIFAS Employee Fraudscape, 2014, ² Expert Investigations, 20.03.14, ³ CooperLomazNews, Exposed: Forged Employment References, 04.09.13, ⁴ Experian: Recruit in haste, regret at leisure whitepaper, 2013,

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