11 November 2022

Calling all tech professionals for salary insight

Since we established Be-IT in 2013, we’ve been gathering data, crunching the numbers and publishing an annual Digital/IT salary and career development survey (all free of charge). You can take a look at the 2022 edition right here.

But we're expecting to see some changes for the 2023 edition – in terms of salaries, we’ve never seen a year like this one. We could explore all the reasons for those changes, at length. But for the moment, we just want to make sure tech professionals like you have vital salary insight.

To do that, we need your help. Or rather, we need some data - not just about your pay packet, but about any moves you've made and what's most important in choosing a new role. It takes two minutes (or less) and it is completely anonymous.

Please tell us about your rewards here –  and look out for the results in the new year.

Be-IT AccreditationsBe-IT Accreditations
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