16 February 2022

Taking the Tech Sector's Pulse

By now, you’ve had plenty of chance to take a look through our salary survey results. For the seventh year running, we’ve done a lot more than just look at the sector’s pay packet: we’ve also asked tech professionals about their experiences, intentions and opinions around the jobs market. It’s a major piece of research, as illuminating for employers and job seekers as it is for recruiters like us.

Of course, the report tells the story of a market shaped by the pandemic. For example, in 2020 a well-above-average 56% of tech professionals moved job, while 2021's figure is down to a lower-than-average 45%. It’s maybe no surprise that such turbulent times have created a lot of uncertainty: around twice as many people than last year are unsure if they want to move jobs (30% vs 16%).

Some employers might be calling for a return to the office, but there’s no putting the remote genie back in the city centre bottle. In fact, more than three quarters of the tech professionals we asked would refuse a job that didn’t allow them to at least partially work from home. As such, it’s no surprise that remote working comes in the top 3 factors for choosing a new job – alongside pay (the clear winner) and the role’s technical challenge.

A final highlight comes from the section on how professionals approach the job market: for communicating about jobs, they prefer to register their CV with a recruitment agency. And, for hunting for a new role, the channel of choice is LinkedIn. So, if you’re looking for a new role, the next step is clear: register your CV and follow us on LinkedIn.

Read the comprehensive findings here:

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